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Meet Cloe

1) What do you love most about Interior Design? - The privilege of integrating my knowledge of design into the desires of each individual’s project – maximizing functionality and aesthetics of spaces to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives.


2) Favourite furniture designer - Mark Tuckey – keep it local beautiful and simple.


3) Predicted Interior design trend for 2022 - Incorporating new-age “recreation spaces” in homes. The pandemic has given us a strong taste of the importance layout diversity has in the home. A room to either study, maintain physical fitness or even be creative can make a difference.

Meet Mariana

What do you love most about Interior Design? - I love the power of transformation that Interior Design has. It can turn an apartment into somebody’s home, a dull office into a place where people will enjoy going every day. It can affect the productivity, it brings personality, it really changes the way we interact with the space around us.


2) Predicted Interior design trend for 2022 - When the pandemic first hit, a lot of people had to start working from home, without having a dedicated space for that, and for that reason, throughout 2020 and still in 2021, we saw a lot of people renovating their homes to fit it to this new purpose. I believe this trend will keep going on 2022, and more and more the houses will have a space dedicated for work.  But hopefully, next year the pandemic will be more under control, and more people will go back to the offices. And I believe that after so long working from home, with the perks that comes with it, the traditional office format with only workstations and meeting rooms will not be enough. Companies will have to offer better breakout spaces, a proper place for meals and of course, a space for all those meetings we learned that could be a phone call. We already see these changes in some more visionary companies, but I believe it will be more widespread and it will have a direct impact on workers productivity and mental health.


3) What does a perfect Sunday look like to you - My idea of a perfect day it’s very simple: a sunny day that starts with a run along the river and breakfast with my husband (pancakes or waffles with maple syrup, to satisfy my sweet tooth), a visit to the beach followed by lunch with friends, some Netflix and couch time because I also love spending time at home, and finish the day by the river, watching the beautiful sunset sky. I am happy to say that I have a perfect Sunday pretty much every week.

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