Office Design and Fitout Trends for 2019

The saying goes ‘Dress for Success’, but in the world of interior design it is all about ‘Creativity and Innovation’.

Office design is an integral part of any business’ productivity and success, designers think out of the box to create workspaces which accommodate for growth while maximising smaller spaces one would usually require and most importantly promotes employee health and happiness. The focal point throughout 2018 was the need for designers to be creative with the use of space. We kick off 2019 we are seeing similar trends with an additional focus on greener, eco-friendly, and healthier workplaces. The forefront of the modern office is all about bringing the outside in. Using  natural lighting, plant walls and earthy tones the workplace has been transformed from a traditional office to a calming space to make the most out of workplace environments.


Biophilic and Nature-Driven Design

There is no doubt that nature definitely has a tranquil and calming effect. Using natural elements like vertical gardens, open spaces, and natural lighting in office environments helps employees feel more relaxed in their work environment.  This type of environment promotes collaborative brainstorming, a place to facilitate informal meetings and to take breaks in open areas which can be divided up into larger open areas. This trend has become the ‘norm’ when it comes to fitting out commercial space.

Branding on the inside and out

It is important to incorporate branding within a fit-out, primarily to create/reinforce brand awareness, particularly with new and existing customers.  Having branding throughout a workspace assists in creating a sense of comradery amongst employees. Incorporating corporate colours and branding can be easily done by adding a few soft finishes or going bold with a feature wall with company ideals or points of difference; you can’t go wrong with continued brand exposure.

Residential Design

Is that a new word for designers? Many workplaces are now adopting the concept of Residential meets commercial design when fitting out a new space. Introducing home comforts, using open area couches, fully kitted kitchens, big breakout areas and, of course, table tennis. Tie in the elements of residential must-haves to create a space with a homelike feel. It’s no secret, we spend most of our time at work, why not enjoy a little home comfort?

These are just a few of the trends we are seeing as we kick off 2019. If you are thinking of updating an existing space or looking to move into a new workspace, the HUB Interiors Team can design and construct your ideal space. Call us today on 1300 000 482

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