Office Designs for 2020 and beyond...

Over the years, office environments have transformed from a place to commit to the daily grind, to spaces that now have a large emphasis on design and functionality.

Our demands within the workplace have shifted and we have new priorities – staff wellbeing is just as important as the completion of tasks, and these factors are highly influential in the future of office spaces.


In recent years, there has been a large emphasis on designing spaces that are accommodating of employees’ mental health and wellbeing. Low morale, fast turnover, and burnout are some of the challenges companies potentially face with staff, and in exchange, poor performance from staff is consequential for the productivity and success of the business. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to design spaces that are as trendy as they are efficient. Simple inclusions of plants and greater window spaces for natural light work to provide a calming and harmonious work environment. Some companies on the other hand, are choosing to invest in more elaborate measures, such as gyms, wellness centres, and therapy offices that endeavour to optimise their staff’s experience at the office, and help keep everybody at their peak.


As we continue to grow more and more conscious of our impact on the environment, sustainability is another highly influential aspect in the future of office design. Expect to see design concepts that focus less on trends, and more on longevity – think muted colour palettes that won’t require renovations in six to twelve months, and ergonomic furniture that serves a level of aesthetic appeal, but can easily be upcycled for further use. Meanwhile, blinds and carpet are an easy hack to create a warm environment, as opposed to energy bingeing heaters, which is why we’re not expecting them to disappear from trend anytime soon.


While it’s interesting to consider what trends will be emerging in the future of office design, there’s also a fair few which we predict will be on the way out. We’re being you can say “bye-bye” to open plan design. Yes, being crammed like cattle into seemingly endless rows of desks and surrounded by the constant hum of keyboards and shredding paper, won’t be around for much longer. The idea emerged around the start of the 20th century, which was deemed an ideal way to ensure staff were easily manageable and observed, and oddly enough, has still been put into place today. Yet its future in the world of interior design looks bleak, as both our needs, and working environments, have changed significantly since that time.


Living in a digital generation, we have a much higher demand for tech resources. Nowadays, we are more prone to interacting with people via video calls or audio calls, or engaging in more collaborative engagements as opposed to a more mechanical, run of the mill type approach. While open environments may have some lingering presence in the future of office design, we’re expecting that they’ll be remodelled into more of a ‘zoned’ concept, to ensure a more functional and harmonious space.


With the ever-changing nature of the workforce, the office environment has evolved with it, demonstrating its adaptability to remaining functional, providing an efficient environment for staff, as well as keeping up with ever-changing times. Gone are the days of sterile booths and shabby lighting – offices have evolved into almost haven-like sanctuaries, where you can ‘carpe diem’. Ok perhaps we exaggerated the ‘haven’ part, but hey, we’re sure that in the future you’ll also be more likely to say “I love Mondays!”. Does your Commercial Office need a face lift to adapt to the ever changing times? Contact us now to start a conversation… 

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