When should you Re-Design your Office?

As your company grows, your interior should reflect that. As soon as an employee, client, or shareholder enters your office, they should have a feel for your organisation’s brand and culture. Nowadays, we’re realising more and more that the ‘office environment’ is more than just a spot to sit and work. The office space is now designed to ensure wellbeing, productivity and flexibility. In an ever changing world, we recommend Commercial Office spaces to be redesigned every 5 to 10 years, just like an evolving brand.


A new interior space for a company is an exci;ng new opportunity and a door to new possibilities. We have narrowed down 3 reasons that might help you to make your decision when considering giving your workspace an Interior Facelift!


1. Providing your workspace a morale boost - Nowadays, office design is heavily influenced by the health and wellness of staff members. Bringing in possitivity to the employee experience not only makes them feel comfortable, but also supports them to produce beSer work and encourage them to stay in companies longer. One of the best ways to refresh the office is adding recharge sta;ons, couches, and tables in the lounge area so that your staff can truly enjoy their lunch or a quick break. As a result, this will effec;vely enhance the employees appreciation to a workplace and give a great boost to morale.


2. Your company is evolving - As mentioned above, your office space should grow just like your brand. Just because your office design worked well at one point in ;me, this does not mean it will always be suitable. Companies grow and contract with employees all the time, and as you have more people join your team, it is the time to have a look at the design of your space. You probably need to move things around to make room for new workstations and to ensure the workflow is still productive.


3. Keeping up with the times - Layout and designs of office spaces are constantly changing for good reasons. New products, designs and configurations are created to ensure the highest productivity of employees. Office workers spend most of their time at desks, chairs and computers, so it is essential to care about your layout, and the office environment. Science and technology allows ergonomic products to be constantly evolving, developed for back support, encourage blood flow, and posture. It is sure that a more comfortable employee is a happier employee and more productive employee!


So, are you considering transforming your workspace? Are you still wondering when is the perfect time to refresh your office? Head to our HUB Blogs for more information and ideas to give your workspace a new, flexible and modern look! For more help, you can contact us for complimentary consultation with one of our leading designers.

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