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COMMERCIAL DESIGN with Christian & Valerie Formby

Interviews with Perth Property Hub

In the world of commercial design and construction, knowledge is power. That's why we were thrilled to participate in a series of insightful interviews with Perth Property Hub. These interviews not only provided us with a platform to share our industry expertise but also allowed us to gain unique perspectives from our very own Christian Formby, Hub's Architect and Builder, and Valerie Formby, Hub's Managing Director.

A Collaboration of Minds in Commercial Design and Construction

Our participation in these interviews was more than just a discussion; it was a collaboration of minds passionate about transforming spaces into vibrant, functional, and inspiring environments. Perth Property Hub's commitment to sharing industry insights and fostering meaningful conversations aligns perfectly with our own values at Hub Interiors.

Christian Formby: Architect and Builder Extraordinaire

In our first interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Christian Formby, the mastermind behind many of our award-winning designs. As both an architect and builder, Christian brings a unique perspective to the world of commercial construction. His insights shed light on the delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality that underpins all our projects.

Christian's deep understanding of architectural principles, construction techniques, and the intricate details of project management allows us to create spaces that not only look spectacular but also stand the test of time. His commitment to excellence and innovation has been a driving force behind Hub Interior's success.

Valerie Formby: Leading with Vision

Our second interview featured Valerie Formby, Hub's Managing Director, whose visionary leadership has steered Hub Interiors toward unprecedented growth and success. Valerie shared her insights into the dynamic world of commercial design and construction, emphasizing the importance of a client-centric approach.

Valerie's dedication to understanding each client's unique needs, aspirations, and brand identity has been instrumental in our ability to deliver tailor-made solutions. Her leadership philosophy revolves around creating spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations, fostering productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction.

The Heart of Hub Interiors

Behind every successful interview lies the camaraderie and synergy of a passionate team. Our collaboration with Perth Property Hub was not just about sharing our expertise; it was about forging connections, building relationships, and fostering a shared commitment to excellence in the commercial design and construction space.

The Fun Behind the Scenes

While the interviews provided a platform for in-depth discussions and industry insights, they were also an opportunity to have some fun behind the scenes. Building lasting relationships is a hallmark of Hub Interiors, and our time with the Perth Property Hub team was no exception.


As we wrap up our reflection on these enlightening interviews, we are reminded of the power of knowledge, collaboration, and shared values. At Hub Interiors, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the drawing board and construction site; it's about making a meaningful impact on the lives of our clients and the communities we serve.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Perth Property Hub for providing us with a platform to share our story and insights. Together, we are shaping the future of commercial design and construction, one vibrant and inspiring space at a time.

Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and insights from Hub Interiors. The journey continues, and we're excited to have you with us every step of the way.

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