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Here at Hub we constantly mention the term ‘Commercial Interior Design’, but we have not yet defined what that term exactly means.

Time to think outside the box. Is your office design helping, hindering, or simply failing to impress? A comprehensive, high-performing fitout can transform aspects of the office you may not realise are presently lacking.

Whatever the budget, the Hub interiors design studio of celebrated experts in architecture, interior design, construction and project management will address the needs of your business in a way that truly maximises value.

…So, where to start?

Core Concerns

At heart, an office fitout is an investment in company performance. Our experts understand your goals include but are not limited to:

· Improved Productivity

· Greater Client Satisfaction

· Better Visual Branding

· Smoother Tech Integration

· Boosted Flexibility

· Heightened Innovation

· Enhanced Wellbeing

· Greater Teamwork

· High Quality Recruitment

· Increased Retainment

Experienced office fitouts experts strive to create conditions that contribute to your business attaining these goals. Your firm becomes our focus, with Think Tank sessions and Idea Engineering ensuring a perfect plan.

The Practical Side

How can intra-department efficiency, and company interconnectedness be improved? Extracting value involves identifying the weak points in your office set-up, and how best to address these lead concerns via design.

Your industry, the tasks of your team and the size of your premises matter when designing an office model or undergoing an office renovation. Functionality and aesthetic must work in union to be truly effective.

Today’s hybrid workforce involves celebrating flexibility, and with increased rates of remote work, it’s also important to understand the power of the fitout, and design an office that people want to come back to.

Reworking Your Space

Today’s ergonomic spaces embrace flexibility, and promote self-direction. Provide a variety of settings for positive outcomes: from work stations to quiet rooms and team working spaces that increase collaboration.

Maximising the value of your office fitout also means catering for potential growth, and increased technologies. Embracing team ownership of space can open up your office design in ways you hadn’t envisioned.

Whatever your workplace philosophy—and whether that includes office partitions, operable walls, and extensions—we can help. Industry contracts and pre-order capacity help us maintain impressive project time-frames.

Attention to Detail

An eye for detail is why so many companies come to us. We see it all. Have you considered insulation and acoustics? Maximising of natural light combined with your interior lighting selection? How are your audio visuals?

We address your floor, wall and window treatments. Our team mull over fixture, fittings, and custom joinery that complement your brand. From storage systems to available seating, we deliver an impeccable office finish.

Hub Interiors can handle it all. Across graphic design and signage to security, we offer comprehensive office fitout services, maximising the value of your fitout by discerning the depth and scope of your requirements.

A More Complex Evaluation

The workplace is impacted by employee wellbeing: a complex web of physical, social and psychological factors. Your office fitout needs to support and prioritise wellness initiatives, with myriad links to performance.

Studies show reduced employee involvement in fitness and health promotion programs are associated with a higher risk of employee absenteeism. Your fitout should support a workplace culture transformation.

Our creative and innovative approach will integrate wellness programs in a way that promotes teamwork, positivity, and engagement. We know each business has a unique work culture, and its own wellbeing needs.

Remember the Exterior

When contemplating an office renovation, consider embracing the big picture. An office fitout often extends beyond immediate interior spaces: the process is also about your branding, and includes first impressions.

Your office property should present a consistently cohesive aesthetic to clientele. At Hub Interiors, we have the ability to address everything from facades, cladding, glazing and entry statements to signage, painting and brickworks.

Every aspect of the office experience is relevant. Need a ramp installed? Contemplating a lobby upgrade? Due for lift and stair overhaul? Even car parking, landscaping, lighting and shade structures are on the table.

The Social Factor

If your company’s social sector consists of a water cooler, try re-evaluating the office fitout. The social brain is an important contributor to employee performance, and healthy social interactions empower team performance.

Socialising in the workplace can build connections, increase wellbeing, and facilitate swapping of knowledge—for starters. Workplace socialisation and productivity is inextricably linked, and worth exploring.

From facilities like informal zones, refreshment sections and outdoor barbecue areas, our office interior designers take into account the psychology of social intelligence, and how to foster positive office social engagement.

Why Hub interiors?

Based in Perth, we address office fitout needs across Australia, with a stellar return ratio of clientele. Trusting in award-winning experts optimises project results, and maximises the value of commercial office fitouts.

Quality and affordability can go hand in hand. Our goal is a turn-key solution. A multi-disciplinary team means from concept to completion, the process is straightforward, with our live project portal allowing a transparent process.

An outstanding office fitout is yet another piece of the puzzle that adds up to corporate success. Invest in a design that returns. To open a discussion around your specific fitout or office renovations, reach out to us.

Achieving productivity through design