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Here at Hub we constantly mention the term ‘Commercial Interior Design’, but we have not yet defined what that term exactly means.

Commercial interior design plays a pivotal role in the success of any business, but what is it exactly? In today’s blog we will explain a bit more about the facts and importance of commercial interior design for businesses.


Ultimately, we as Commercial Interior Designers, create spaces for businesses: offices, medical practices, hotels and lounges, restaurants and retail spaces, banks, hospitals and examination rooms, and everything in between. We do more than create a pretty areas or decorate inside a building, we in fact have an integral role in the construction and renovation of a commercial space. We defines the project’s scope of work, we’re in charge of ensuring the right materials are selected, and also make the best use of the layout and space and interior wall arrangement. We oversee budgeting and scheduling, we manage the relationships between all professionals working on the project, as well as ensuring the space is safe for anyone that will occupy it.

We aim to design and build effective and well designed spaces to increase commercial functionality and elevate design for financial gain. Whether it’s a Full Level Office HQ, or small boutique retail store, it is up to us, as the commercial interior designers, to translate the clients vission ways that are practical, profitable, and impressionable. Have you ever stopped to think and to imagine how a certain space must have been designed and planned and why the designers chose to include a particular feature or to emphasise a certain element and not others? Make sure you do next time, because the interior design of your commercial building plays a pivotal role in the success of your business! 


The primary goal of any commercial building is to optimise a business’ ability to turn a profit, taking into account factors that relate to each stakeholder group’s needs such as workflow process, style, comfort and physical space. Though often underestimated, intelligent design at your Commercial Business Space can open up valuable opportunities for you. Good design will strengthen your marketing approach. Consistent branding from your logo to your interior building design helps develop trust and loyalty. The research and discovery stage for your interior design can help further discover your customer’s needs and preferences. Commercial Interior Design is an exercise in balance. The balance that design seeks to achieve is made possible by the manipulation of two primary concepts, namely function and form.

HUB Interiors are a leading Interior Design and Fit out Company in Perth and promise on quality assurance in every project we take on. HUB create inspiring and functional designs that leave a lasting impression, we’ve spent over a decade developing a better way to design & deliver projects at any budget level. If you’re looking to take your and Commercial Interior to the next level, please get in touch with us today here

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