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A Journey of Creativity, Expertise, and Client-Centric Design

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tika Santoso, the newly appointed Design Principal at Hub Interiors. With an impressive background in interior design and architecture, Tika brings a wealth of experience and a unique approach to her role. Join us as we delve into Tika's inspirations, design philosophies, and her exciting plans for her new role at Hub Interiors.

A Passion for Art and Design from a Young Age

Tika's journey into interior design and architecture began with her father, a chef and sculptor, whose creativity and artistry inspired her from a young age. Combining her love for art and the need for a pragmatic approach, Tika found her calling in the world of interior design and architecture. Starting her career in Lighting Design, she later transitioned into high-end residential work and eventually focused on corporate office fitouts and the commercial sector.

Overcoming Challenges Through Education and Collaboration

According to Tika, one of the biggest challenges facing interior designers and architects today is educating clients and end users on the value and expertise that professionals bring to the table. From detailed brief extraction to compliance with construction codes and standards, Tika believes in taking clients on a journey, providing engagement and justification for conceptual principles and process methodologies. By doing so, she aims to deliver outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Embracing Classic Minimalism and Nature-inspired Palettes

While acknowledging the existence of design trends, Tika's personal approach leans towards classic minimalism with purposeful design features that balance aesthetics. She predicts that current trends revolving around biophilic integration and muted nature-based palettes will continue to prevail, offering tranquil and calm respite from today's fast-paced digital lifestyles. To stay relevant and current, Tika immerses herself in design publications, awards programs, and maintains a strong network of suppliers to keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

Meaningful Projects That Leave a Lasting Impact

Tika shared her favorite projects, highlighting the profound impact they had on her. One project that stood out was the Fremantle Dental Clinic, where she collaborated with a local artist to create a unique visual experience for patients, challenging the sterility of the previous facility with warmth and engaging colors. Another project, the Narrogin Cottage Homes Dementia Wing, involved providing a bespoke home environment for residents that struck a delicate balance between rural aesthetics and aged care requirements. Lastly, the Corruption and Crime Commission Hearing Rooms and Offices presented a complex challenge that combined strategic planning, security considerations, and the design of custom timber joinery.

Balancing Creativity and Client Satisfaction

Tika emphasized the importance of taking clients on the design journey to secure their engagement. By establishing design principles and project outcomes in the early stages, Tika ensures that the development of the design always references those initial values. She believes in providing sound justifications and rationales for every decision, fostering a shared sense of accountability and satisfaction in achieving successful outcomes.

Advice for Aspiring Design Professionals

To those starting out in the industry, Tika advises them to be sponges, absorbing knowledge from those around them. She encourages having a point of view and challenging ideas, while backing up perspectives with well-justified reasoning. Advocating for oneself with colleagues and clients is crucial, and Tika emphasizes the importance of balancing creativity with pragmatism to deliver effective solutions.

With Tika Santoso now at the helm as Design Principal, Hub Interiors is poised to take design and architecture to new heights. Her passion, expertise, and commitment to client-centric design will undoubtedly elevate the creative vision of each project. Join us in welcoming Tika to the Hub Interiors family, as we embark on an exciting journey of innovation and design excellence.

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