40 Kings Park Asset Enhancing Project

West Perth Oasis

Hub Interiors rejuvenated 40 Kings Park in West Perth, enriching the tenant experience. The upgrade introduced modern end-of-trip facilities, revitalized the lobby, and crowned the building with a fully equipped rooftop retreat, complete with a bar, deck, and basketball court. Contemporary colors and textures throughout enhance tenant appeal in this asset enhancement project.

Contemporary. Inviting. Sleek

Project Team:

Christian Formby ; Alice Duarte


Kings Park /West Perth / WA

Project Size:


Project Scope:

Bicycle Storage, End-of-Trip facilities, Lobby, Furniture, Wall Cladding , Stairwells , Rooftop Deck, Basketball court, Bar and BBQ area, Signage


The project at 40 Kings Park in West Perth showcased a highly responsive approach to the client's brief. The primary objective was to elevate the building's amenities and facilities to enhance tenant satisfaction and attract premium occupants.

A significant aspect of the response was the creation of contemporary end-of-trip facilities. These state-of-the-art amenities included shower and change room facilities, catering to the needs of modern professionals who prioritize health and well-being.

The lobby facelift was another crucial element of the response. The revitalized lobby space incorporated modern design elements, premium finishes, and a welcoming atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on anyone entering the building.

One of the standout features of the project was the fully equipped roof deck area. This innovative addition not only provided an exclusive recreational space for tenants but also added considerable value to the building. The rooftop now boasts a bar, deck area, and even a basketball court, offering a diverse range of activities for occupants to enjoy.

The project's commitment to renovating the bathrooms and stairwells reflected a keen understanding of the building's prime location. The use of contemporary natural colors and textures elevated the overall aesthetic, contributing to the premium appeal of the property.


By not only meeting but exceeding expectations. The creation of contemporary end-of-trip facilities, a lobby facelift, and a fully equipped rooftop deck demonstrated innovative thinking.

Excellence was achieved through:

  1. Premium Amenities: Hub elevated the building's amenities, providing a new level of convenience and comfort for tenants. The modern end-of-trip facilities and renovated bathrooms exceeded standard offerings.

  2. Functional Design: The project was designed to enhance the building's functionality, creating spaces that catered to the needs of tenants while fostering a sense of community.

  3. Aesthetics: Aesthetically, the project excelled with a focus on contemporary natural colors and textures. The result was a visually appealing environment that complemented the building's prime location.

  4. Recreational Space: The addition of a rooftop deck with a bar and basketball court provided a unique recreational space, adding value to the property and attracting tenants.

  5. Client-Centric Approach: Hub's commitment to understanding and exceeding the client's needs and desires played a crucial role in achieving excellence. They maintained open communication and ensured the project aligned with the client's vision.

  6. Innovation: Hub's innovative thinking, seen in the rooftop design, showed their ability to go beyond standard solutions, setting a new standard for building amenities.

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