Adelaide Terrace, Perth

East Point Level 6 Show Suite is a versatile space designed for a variety of tenants. It boasts a range of meeting rooms, offices, open-plan workstations, and collaborative areas, all thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse needs. The color palette and materials are adaptable, seamlessly integrating with each tenant's unique branding.

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Project Team:

Mariana Neves


CBD / Perth / WA

Project Size:


Project Scope:

Boardroom, Meeting 4 people, Meeting 6 people, Office, collaboration spaces, waiting area, kitchen and breakout, Open plan workstations.  


Hub Interiors has masterfully realized the client's vision for the East Point Plaza Level 6 show suite, achieving a harmonious blend of flexibility and functionality. The design's strategic layout is a testament to ingenuity, with a floor plan ingeniously designed to accommodate two separate tenancies, optimizing space utilization.

One of the standout features is the suite's versatility. It offers a diverse array of spaces, including meeting rooms, offices, and open-plan areas. This flexibility not only caters to a wide range of tenant requirements but also enhances the suite's overall appeal. It's a space that adapts seamlessly to the evolving needs of modern businesses, making it an attractive prospect for potential tenants seeking a dynamic and adaptable work environment.

In essence, Hub Interiors has transformed the Level 6 show suite at East Point Plaza into a prime example of contemporary office design that meets the client's brief with finesse and innovation, setting a new standard for flexible, attractive, and functional commercial spaces.


Hub Interiors has achieved design excellence in the East Point Plaza Level 6 show suite by seamlessly blending creativity and functionality. The utilization of the stunning river view is a testament to their design prowess, crafting a welcoming waiting area adorned with booth seating by the window that not only captivates with the scenic view but also offers a sense of spaciousness.

Championing the use of a concrete shell, Hub's innovative approach transformed this challenge into a distinctive feature. Hanging acoustic elements not only enhanced acoustic absorption but also introduced unique design elements throughout the tenancy, adding both form and function.

Moreover, the incorporation of diverse floor treatments serves as a clever design strategy to demarcate various areas within the office, enhancing both visual aesthetics and practicality. In the East Point Plaza Level 6 show suite, Hub Interiors has masterfully demonstrated their commitment to design excellence, resulting in a space that seamlessly combines form and function for a truly exceptional work environment.

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