Good Success Church


Hub Interiors transformed Good Success Church, providing a complete renovation from floor to ceiling. This project included training facilities, a stunning entrance, lobby, cafe, bookshop, and childcare area. The result is a timeless, fresh, and welcoming space that meets the church's needs, showcasing Hub's expertise in diverse commercial interior projects.

Diverse . Welcoming. Fresh.

Project Team:

Christian Formby


Jandakot / Perth / WA

Project Size:


Project Scope:

Book Shop; Cafe; Child Minding Facilities; Guest batrooms; Booth Seating; Training Room.   


Hub Interiors took the client's vision to heart, crafting an inviting and functional space for Good Success Church. This expansive project encompassed training facilities, an impressive entrance statement, a welcoming lobby, a vibrant café, a well-appointed bookshop, and a secure childminding area. The entire space received a comprehensive renovation that breathed new life into it while maintaining a timeless ambiance.

Hub's approach was driven by a deep understanding of the client's needs and the churchgoers' expectations. The result was a space that not only met but exceeded these requirements. The design and construction teams collaborated closely, ensuring that every element, from the layout to the color palette, resonated with the client's values and mission.

The renovated space now stands as a testament to Hub's commitment to creating environments that foster a sense of community and belonging. It embodies a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and client-centric design, making it a welcoming sanctuary for all who enter.


Hub Interiors' approach to the Good Success Church project epitomizes design excellence. The key to success lay in prioritizing the client's unique vision and needs. Hub's teams collaborated closely to bring this vision to life, ensuring it resonated with the expectations of churchgoers.

The project was comprehensive, involving training facilities, a striking entrance, inviting lobby, bustling café, well-stocked bookshop, and secure childcare area. Hub's commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect, from the layout's thoughtful design to the harmonious color palette and the fusion of functionality with aesthetics.

The renovation breathed new life into the space, giving it a fresh and timeless appeal. Through meticulous planning and execution, Hub didn't just meet but exceeded the client's expectations. The result is a sanctuary that fosters a sense of community and belonging, a testament to Hub's unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and design excellence.

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