Show Suite

L8 66 St Georges Tce

Introducing our latest showcase on Level 8 at 66 St Georges Terrace, designed to transform workplace interactions. Featuring two show suites, each with a shared kitchen, innovative meeting spaces, and stunning city vistas. This environment is tailored to enhance efficiency, spark creativity, and provide relaxation, ideal for prospective tenants.

Dynamic. Inspiring. Inviting.

Project Team:

Giorgia Niggemann

Project Location:

66 St Georges Terrace / Perth / WA

Project Scope:

Open plan work stations ,Waiting Area Kitchen, Breakout space , Meeting Rooms and offices ,Utilities area, Boardroom, Meeting Room Design and construct.  


The project at Level 8, 66 St Georges Terrace, closely aligned with the client's objectives by creating an adaptable, inspiring workspace designed to attract discerning tenants.

The inclusion of shared kitchens and creative meeting areas, coupled with captivating city views, directly responds to modern demands for collaborative and flexible work environments.

This approach enhances the building's appeal, positioning it as a desirable location for businesses looking for a blend of functionality and inspiration.


Hub Interiors achieved excellence in this project through a strategic blend of innovative design, functional spaces, and aesthetic appeal. By focusing on creating areas that encourage collaboration, creativity, and relaxation, Hub ensured that the show suites would meet the evolving needs of today's workforce.

The careful selection of features, such as communal kitchens and meeting rooms with exceptional views, demonstrates Hub's commitment to providing environments that not only meet but exceed tenant expectations.

Their ability to interpret and deliver on the client's brief, with an emphasis on creating a versatile and welcoming space, underscores their excellence in design and execution.

Achieving productivity through design