Show Suite

Level 9 , 150 St Georges Terrace

This large format open-plan show suite is situated in the heart of Perth on the most prominent strip in the city. With its exquisite styling and spacial planning and boasting 270 degree views of the terrace and surrounds this unit is sure to be snapped up in an instant. Just another reason why Hub Interiors is the fitout provider of choice for building owners and agents alike.

Edgy. Sophisticated. Versatile.

Project Team:

Gaby Munoz Carrillo


CBD / Perth / WA

Project Size:


Project Scope:

Boardroom (12 people); Collaboration; Hot Desks; Breakout/Kitchen; Glazing film; Meeting rooms (4 & 8 people); Offices; Open plan workstations;  Waiting area; Storage; Utility and Printer Area; Comms Room.


Hub Interiors approached the Show Suite Level 9, 150 St Georges Terrace Project with a profound commitment to transforming spaces into experiences. With an innovative design that masterfully optimized floor plans and circulation, this project achieved an exquisite balance between form and function.

The selection of a thoughtfully curated color palette and textures breathed life into the space while maintaining design consistency. Strategic layout choices, such as creating buffers through waiting and collaboration areas, ensured subtle control of visitor access, enhancing both privacy and aesthetics.

The project's hallmark was its embrace of unconventional elements. The bespoke, feature ceiling challenged convention, contributing to the unique character of the fitout. Monochromatic booth seating, breakout arched booths, and fluted paneling in the joinery added sophistication and style.

Notably, this project marked the genesis of a significant client partnership, a testament to Hub Interiors' exceptional design, smooth construction, and proficient project management. It not only met but exceeded budget expectations, generating substantial profit. This endeavor stands as a pivotal milestone in Hub's history, signaling a future brimming with design excellence.


Hub Interiors, fueled by a relentless pursuit of design excellence, triumphed in the transformation of the Show Suite Level 9, 150 St Georges Terrace. This project stands as a testament to Hub's unwavering commitment to shaping spaces into extraordinary experiences.

With a keen focus on optimizing floor plans and circulation, Hub achieved a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. The carefully selected color palette and textures breathed vitality into the environment, ensuring design consistency from inception to execution.

Ingenious layout strategies, including the creation of discreet buffers through waiting and collaboration zones, harmonized privacy with visual appeal. The project boldly embraced the unconventional, featuring a bespoke, custom-designed feature ceiling that defied convention.

Monochromatic booth seating, breakout arched booths, and meticulously crafted joinery with fluted paneling added sophistication and charm. This venture not only adhered to budget constraints but also generated substantial profit, underlining Hub's dedication to delivering value.

Most significantly, this project marked the dawn of a transformative client partnership, signifying a bright future brimming with design excellence and innovation for Hub Interiors.

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