218 St Georges Terrace

The brief for this project was to create a trendy and sophisticated meeting place for McKinley staff, clients and visitors. This was achieved by incorporating on brand colours and using textures and finishes in exciting ways.

Modern. Inviting. Unique

Project Team:

Christian Formby


CBD / Perth / WA

Project Size:


Project Scope:

Partitioning works, electrical works, workstations, storage, joinery, hydraulics, floor and wall treatments, appliances, mechanical services, loose furniture, fire services, and styling.


Hub Interiors expertly answered the client's demands in their endeavor to design the McKinley Plowman Project. The client's aspiration for a chic and sophisticated meeting area, embracing the brand's color palette, was met with precision and elegance.

Crucially, Hub Interiors accomplished this within the client's specified timeframe, a testament to their efficiency and dedication. In an era dominated by remote work, the client yearned for an office that would draw employees back in. Hub Interiors ingeniously crafted a dynamic and inviting atmosphere, transforming the office into a space that staff genuinely relish returning to. This project reflects Hub Interiors' capacity to not only fulfill client expectations but to surpass them, resulting in a workspace that's both aesthetically pleasing and functionally inspiring.


Hub Interiors orchestrated a symphony of design innovation for the Golden West Brewing Co. Project. Inside the meeting room, they crafted a living, breathing centerpiece - a distinctive moss sign, visible to passersby, infusing the space with an organic touch.

The bold choice of a black exposed ceiling played a crucial role, endowing the office with an informal, welcoming ambiance distinct from the typical corporate settings. An array of verdant shades and textures coursed through the design, invoking the essence of health, prosperity, and positivity that green symbolizes.

This layout is a testament to Hub Interiors' meticulous planning - enabling seamless visitor flow from entry to waiting areas and meeting rooms without disruption. The strategically positioned kitchen thoughtfully caters to both staff and guests, affirming Hub's commitment to functional aesthetics that elevate every aspect of the workspace.

Achieving productivity through design