220 St Georges Terrace

Originally a caretakers apartment on the top floor of 220 St Georges Terrace, Hub were engaged to create a sophisticated, timeless and professional penthouse office fitout for the owners of the building. With the use of stone tiles, timber panelling and hints of gold / bronze throughout, accompanied with an abundance of natural light through a feature sunlight upon entry, the resulting space flows seamlessly between zones and creates a warm environment with a sense of elegance.

Luxurious,. timeless. professional

Project Team:

Christian Formby


CBD /  Perth / WA

Project Size:


Project Scope:

Office fitout full strip and refit


Hub Interiors excels in transforming spaces, as exemplified by the Rollason Project. This remarkable endeavor involved converting the caretaker's apartment atop 220 St Georges Terrace into a sophisticated penthouse office.

Elegance and timelessness define this space. Stone tiles, rich timber paneling, and subtle gold/bronze accents harmonize beautifully. The abundant natural light, especially through the captivating feature skylight upon entry, infuses the office with warmth and a sense of grandeur.

The design ensures a seamless flow between different zones, fostering a professional yet inviting atmosphere. Hub's ability to blend luxurious aesthetics with functional design shines in the Rollason Project, resulting in an office fitout that epitomizes sophistication, ensuring the space stands as a testament to Hub's excellence in the industry.


The vision was to craft a sophisticated penthouse office that exuded timelessness and professionalism.

The space's hallmark is its elegant fusion of elements. Rich timber paneling, exquisite stone tiles, and subtle hints of gold and bronze create an ambiance of opulence. Natural light pours in through a captivating feature skylight upon entry, bathing the office in warmth and grandeur.

Hub's genius lies in seamlessly merging distinct zones, allowing for fluid navigation and fostering a harmonious work environment. The Rollason Project stands as a testament to Hub's ability to blend luxurious aesthetics with functional design. This achievement showcases Hub Interiors' commitment to crafting exceptional, awe-inspiring spaces that leave a lasting impression on both clients and visitors.

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