Schneider Electric

Level 9 , St Georges Terrace

A harmonious blend of colors and natural elements imbued the space with an inviting, refreshing atmosphere, reflecting the brand's identity. Hub Interiors strategically integrated key design elements. The central stone island, versatile and stylish, served as the project's focal point. Quality materials and diverse textures added sophistication while maintaining durability.

Modern . Welcoming. Natural

Project Team:

Giorgia Niggemann


220 St Georges Terrace / Perth / WA

Project Size:


Project Scope:

Boardroom (10 people); Breakout/Kitchen; Collaboration; Glazing film; Meeting rooms (4 & 3 people); Open plan workstations; Waiting area; Storage; Comms room; Control Centre; Access control.    


From the beginning of the process, the client requested that we create a gathering point, a breakout area that would be integrated with the kitchen, located near the office entrance. Our suggestion was to create a central island in the open-plan space. This island would consist of an elongated stone countertop equipped with bar fridges, a deep sink, and a large dishwasher. The intention behind this countertop was to establish a space where everyone could gather, relax, and collaborate with one another.

To satisfy the client's needs and vision, HUB implemented a collaborative communication approach. They maintained open lines of communication with the client, keeping them informed about project developments, milestones achieved, and potential challenges. This transparency allowed for quick decision-making and adjustments, ensuring that the project remained aligned with the client's vision.

HUB's ability to analyse, strategize, and communicate effectively ensured that they delivered services that not only satisfied the client's distinctive business needs but also respected the specified budget and time frame. Attention to detail and a client-centric approach resulted in a successful project outcome.

To create the desired aesthetic and ergonomic experience for the client's specific use case, a combination of carefully chosen features and elements were integrated into the design. These elements were selected to align with the client's vision while ensuring functionality, comfort, and visual appeal.


The key features and elements of our design and construction project were carefully orchestrated to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. The central island served as the heart of the design. Crafted from stone, it not only added a touch of style but also operated as a versatile hub for multiple purposes.

High-quality materials and finishes were selected to convey a sense of elegance and sophistication while also ensuring durability. A mix of textures and colours was used to create visual interest and convey the brand's identity. Also, incorporating plants and natural elements we added a touch of nature to the space, contributing to a more welcoming and refreshing atmosphere.

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