South Perth

Transitainer is a harmonious blend of individual workspaces and collaborative hubs. It features a welcoming kitchen for relaxation, a versatile boardroom for both business meetings and staff get-togethers, all infused with the brand's unique colors and personality, creating a balanced and inviting office environment.

Collaborative, inviting, sophisticated

Project Team:

Mariana Neves


South Perth / WA

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Project Scope:

Office fit out from a warm shell 


In the Transitainer Project, Hub's ingenuity shines. This office space is a harmonious blend of open-plan and enclosed areas, fostering both focused work and collaborative endeavors. L-shaped desks grant each employee a personal enclave within the communal workspace, striking an ideal balance between privacy and unity.

The boardroom's strategic positioning near the entrance and kitchen ensures it serves as the epicenter for important meetings and informal staff gatherings alike. Hub has masterfully brought the brand's personality and colors into the office's fabric without overwhelming the workspace. The result is a vibrant and functional office environment that not only caters to individual needs but also encourages teamwork and camaraderie. The Transitainer Project is a testament to Hub's ability to transform client visions into meticulously designed, practical, and aesthetically pleasing reality.


Design excellence meets functionality in the Transitainer Project by Hub Interiors. This innovative office space seamlessly combines open-plan and enclosed areas, promoting collaboration while ensuring individual workspace privacy. With L-shaped desks for all staff, everyone enjoys their own designated nook within the shared environment.

Strategically positioned near the entrance and kitchen, the boardroom serves as the heart of the office, fostering efficient meetings and spontaneous gatherings. Hub's approach not only meets the client's spatial requirements but also delivers a workspace that exudes efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The Transitainer Project showcases Hub's commitment to designing spaces that harmonize form and function, making it a standout example of design excellence in the world of office fitouts.

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