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The Role of Technology in the Workplace of the Future

Workplace and people strategy trends are converging and changing more than ever before.

St Georges Terrace offices cheaper to rent than in the suburbs

A Publication In The West Australian

In the competitive landscape of commercial real estate, finding a strategic edge can make all the difference. A recent article in The West Australian highlighted an intriguing trend - St. Georges Terrace offices becoming more affordable than suburban alternatives. At Hub Interiors, we've always believed in the transformative power of design, and our work with McKinley Plowman at 218 St. Georges Terrace exemplifies this belief.


Here at Hub, to us, the Commercial Interior Design and Construction is like riding a bike. We have been doing it for so long that we forget not

The Modern Office Post Covid19

As the Australian Government braces themselves to bring workers back into their offices to reduce the curve of unemployment, new adjustments are to become the new normal.

Let Your Workplace tell your story

A Publication In Business News

In a recent article featured in Business News, we delved into the art of making your office tell a compelling story. We explored how first impressions, free-flowing spaces, and the Hub HQ experience can have a profound impact on the message your commercial space conveys.

When should you Re-Design your Office?

As your company grows, your interior should reflect that. As soon as an employee, client, or shareholder enters your office, they should have a feel for your organisation’s brand and culture.

Sustainability Tips for 2020

In today’s current social, economical and political climates, there’s a huge emphasis on sustainable design.

Office Designs for 2020

Over the years, office environments have transformed from a place to commit to the daily grind, to spaces that now have a large emphasis on design and functionality.

Achieving productivity through design