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Encourging satisfaction and sustainable productivity

Fostering a strong workplace culture involves careful initiatives complemented by dynamic office fitout design.

Investing time and care in your team is essential for talent retainment. Is your organisational approach to workplace satisfaction successful? Employee happiness correlates with increased productivity.

Ideally, work should be fulfilling and enjoyable. People perform well when celebrated for their talents, acknowledged for team contributions, recognised for professional potential—and appreciated as individuals.

At Hub Interiors we have a strong culture of creativity and positivity. Below are ways we strive to create an inspiring work environment that captures our ongoing commitment to the fostering of a positive team culture.


The Social Aspect of Business

·        Celebrate milestones

Personal milestones matter. Celebrate staff member birthdays inhouse. Acknowledge weddings and engagements. Respect the importance of families, and accommodate children.

·        Honour diversity

Our identity defines us. Encourage learning about the cultural background of your staff, and celebrate days important to them. Respect the individual religious and spiritual needs of your team.

How can office design help?

The importance of social spaces is often overlooked in office design. A model that allows for informal meetings, interactions and refreshments in relaxed environs contributes greatly to supporting a thriving office culture.

Families, friends and clients who visit should feel welcome, and entertained. Hub Interiors often helps businesses renovate underutilised or overlooked spaces such as rooftops, outdoor elements, and storerooms.

We also redesign office plans to allow for the introduction of shared social zones. Flexibility achieved through multi-use furnishings and innovative vision enables adaptive portions of the office for changing needs.


Community Engagement and Flexibility

·        Prioritise networking

Whether hosting events on company premises or approving seminar and panel appearances, encourage workplace flexibility that helps your team engage with the local business community. 

·        Support mentoring

From guiding junior members of the firm to encouraging and instructing work experience candidates, honouring employee knowledgeability improves team cohesion and morale. 

How can office design help?  

If your staff are often out of the office, make sure you have technologies in place to enable remote work, and an office design that supports flexible schedules without reducing productivity and performance.

For firms who encourage networking events, make sure your office meets the needs of groups, without impinging on day-to-day procedures. Our office interior designers ensure flow across irregular floor plans.

Space that support mentoring can make a difference to the success of such initiatives. Hub Interiors design dynamic workspaces, allowing individuals to select the work setting best suited for each exchange.


Celebrate Milestones

·        Acknowledge hard work

From newly signed contracts to completed projects, be sure to normalise intraoffice praise, creating a supportive corporate environment. Implement workplace incentives for your team.

·        Recognise accomplishments

Take the time to highlight personal as well as professional achievements. Companies who offer recognition for happenings beyond the workplace are more inclined to inspire employee loyalty.

How can office design help?   

Take advantage of digital opportunities. Does your office set up integrate technologies? From LED screens and streaming tech to online conferencing and inhouse production potential, the future is now.

Social media is an integral part of today’s contemporary world, and the need for raw content is never-ending. The capacity to capture pivotal moments can prove advantageous for your business branding.

Agile spaces suit progressive ideas of project management. Help your team excel, and remember to showcase their achievements through office design that promotes the company’s positive trajectory.


Prioritise Wellness

·        Facilitate team activities

From workout programs to company outings that encourage collaboration, time spent as a team is a worthy investment, allowing authentic bonds to form beyond the confines of office roles. 

·        Include biophilic elements

The reviving impact of the natural world is well documented, and biophilic design brings them into the workplace. Plants and pets in the office are two ways to promote employee wellbeing. 

How can office design help?  

Office renovations allow for a contemporary interpretation of company culture. Which health and wellbeing initiatives appeal to your staff? Hub Interiors experts often create designated wellness spaces. 

Physical activities are great team builders, but remember to include practical amenities as well in your office fitout. Aside from company exercise spaces, showers and lockers are appreciated additions. 

Employee access to natural light and office interior design incorporating living greenery are two fundamentals of Hub Interior’s sophisticated takes on biophilia in the workplace, for improved health and wellbeing.


The Art of Teamwork 

Part of the Hub Interiors success story is a constant focus on building enthusiasm and inspiring innovation within our talented team. We listen, and strive to provide an environment that helps people flourish. 

We know professional passion needs to be nourished. High quality output is only attainable at a consistent rate with a sustained work/life balance, something we consider intrinsic to a healthy team culture.

While a Perth-based studio, Hub Interiors provide commercial office fitouts Australia-wide. Whatever your office needs, our experts can ascertain the best possible design strategy for your firm. Contact us today.


If you have concerns about staff being poached, now is the time to focus on increasing employee satisfaction.

During the present skills shortages, office design is an underutilised tool you can exercise to your advantage in the battle to keep employees on board.

With media reports detailing hundreds of occupations in Australia are experiencing skills shortages, staff retainment—and recruitment—is a growing priority for companies. Creating a premium work environment is integral.

If you have concerns about staff being poached, now is the time to focus on increasing employee satisfaction. If trying to entice skilled newcomers to the team, the best possible working conditions can only prove a plus.

Insightful office design assists retainment and recruitment strategies. Our multi-disciplinary experts can advise on changes to optimise the impact of your office fitout design, in the context of your unique business processes.

Not sure where to start? Below are baseline questions from the Hub Interiors team to help you evaluate potential weak points in the current workplace structure and culture that may be negatively effecting your staffing levels.


Do you understand why employees are leaving?

Many assume monetary incentive is the primary reason staff move on, but the truth can be a different story. A recent Seek survey saw mediocre management take top place, with a bad environment/poor work conditions coming in fourth.

Addressing office conditions and helping enhance them via office fitouts, is an intelligent move. Is your office a dynamic environment that inspires your team? If not, now is the time to figure out what’s lacking, and take action.


Is workflow support operating at premium capacity?

Over the years, assigned tasks can alter as the company’s focus shifts or expands. Most businesses adapt office space in-house, rather than investing in professional design that caters to the functional needs of each department.

In short, your office may be rendering tasks more time consuming, hampering performance. Improve productivity and company morale with expert, forward-thinking adjustments to the fitout that enable strategic solutions.


Are your amenities lacking, and in need of an upgrade?

Hub Interiors are often asked to increase amenities. Pinpointing what staff want is a good start—anything from onsite fitness facilities, showers and lockers, to barbecue areas, outdoor courtyards, and expanded parking.

Not recognising the importance of quality social zones is a common error. Often dining and refreshment areas are ill equipped to meet present and future capacities. Giving your team space to pause and revive, is imperative.

Achieving productivity through design